Our history

The birth of the brand

    Patrizio Miceli, of Italian origin and passionate about gastronomy, wanted to make accessible exceptional Italian know-how steeped in family tradition. During the end-of-year holidays, he used to offer homemade Italian sauces to the clients of his advertising agency who gradually encouraged him to create his own brand. He then had a decisive meeting, that of Christian de Waldner who became his partner. Italians Do It Better was born.

    Spotted by Monoprix which agreed to give it a chance in the very competitive environment of mass distribution, the brand started in 2016 by offering 4 tomato sauce recipes and has only grown until it now offers around twenty recipes. tomato sauces, pesto, pasta and antipasti available in many stores.


      An activist sympathetic to good taste, Italians do it better® wishes to democratize a healthy and delicious Italian diet by offering Italian products of very good taste thanks to a careful selection of the best Italian and natural ingredients.
      Without preservatives, without added sugars, without additives, without flavor enhancers and without colorings, find the true taste and freshness of Italian tomatoes.
      Our ambition ? Offering tasteful Italian products of artisanal quality in industrial quantities.

      Our engagements

        Selecting quality Italian ingredients for our recipes
          Italians do it better® controls its entire production chain thanks to manufacturing workshops located in Italy as close as possible to the vegetable fields and our warehouse located in Genoa.

          Our sauces are made in our manufacturing workshop in Piedmont using real seasonal, field-grown Italian tomatoes, processed when ripe within 48 hours. Thus, all the flavors of the tomato are preserved, which allows us to offer naturally sweet recipes without added sugar.

          Our pesto contains real whole pine nuts and Genovese PDO basil to follow the traditional Genoese recipe.
          Our pasta made from ancient wheat grain, much more digestible than traditional wheat, sown and cultivated in Puglia on rich and healthy soil of certified origin, is bronze drawn and dried at low temperature in our workshop in Gragnano.

          Our antipasti are without added sugar and made with fresh Sicilian vegetables guaranteed to be in season.
          Our breadsticks are produced in Piedmont. They are guaranteed without palm oil, preservatives or additives.
          Limit our environmental impact
            Our tomatoes are local and moved without suffering any trauma to our production sites located less than 25km from the fields. This ensures a very low carbon impact.

            Our producers follow strict rules regarding the use of fertilizers and pesticides which prohibit residual and non-selective active ingredients.
            We do not waste any food. Our unsold items are sold on the Too Good to go platform or at Nous antigaspi. We also distribute them in the form of donations to associations such as Les restos du coeur, Refettorio, Cop1 or even to Italian monasteries.