Italians Do It better® is the voice of a generation fighting for good taste!



Homemade tomato sauce

Seasonal open fields fresh tomatoes


Delicious healthy pasta

Feel good gluten healthy pasta


Aperitivo at its best

Made from seasonal ingredients


Handcrafted grissini

Handmade long drying grissini

our ambition : to offer great italian products, 100% natural, 100% preservative-free

Italians Do It Better® selects the very best ingredients from the four corners of Italy.

With no preservatives, flavourings, or colourings, Italians Do It Better® allows you to rediscover the true taste of tomatoes and wheat thanks to the freshness of premium, Italian ingredients. For proof, just look at our labels which are free of any artificial tongue twisters and certify that our tomatoes are 100% Italian.

Italians Do It Better® controls its production chain from the harvest to your mouth.

Our artisanal production preserves the quality of our ingredients.

Our sauces are made with seasonal tomatoes, grown in the field, and processed within 48 hours of being ripe.

Our pasta made from heritage wheat, is sown and cultivated in the Apulia region on a rich, healthy soil, with certified origins. The pasta is bronze-drawn and dried at low temperatures in Gragnano.

Our antipasti are fatti a mano with fresh and seasonal Sicilian vegetables. They contain no added sugar.

Our breadsticks are handcrafted and stretched by hand, the good old-fashioned way. They are also palm oil free.


Italians Do It Better®
is the voice of a generation fighting for good taste

follow us! your pasta needs you!

100% Italian products / 100% natural ingredients / no added sugar